Monday, March 10, 2008


Mark's gone back to work today for the first time since my surgery. It's so hard to believe that was two weeks ago already, but we're so thankful that his work team was so great about letting him be home with me. I think we'll have to take our adjusting slowly today, though.

It was so strange getting up in such a quiet home this morning. Mark had gathered all my regular morning stuff in concert with my limitations.
Milk for coffee and cereal poured out into a smaller container so that I can lift it.
Cereal bowl and cereal taken down from their high shelves so that I can reach them.
Laptop brought out into the living room so that I can type comfortably.
He even found my favorite barrette and made sure I'd see it.

And now what to do. Mom's just arrived with embroidery hoops, a book on making earrings, and mini binoculars, and there are a million thank-you notes to write. Maybe it won't be such a quiet day after all.

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justin said...

Sounds like normal might slowly be returning?

Hope we get to see you guys soon. Hang in there.