Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Okay, a Medium Post

I have a lot to say about how cancer has and hasn't changed things, bits and pieces of ideas that have been coming together in my head. But those thoughts are going to have to steep a little longer. I've got to run out soon to grab some last minute treats to incorporate into a little surprise for Mark tonight. He deserves, well, everything good. Things that will take a lifetime to give. For tonight, since I've been feeling so much better lately, despite a sore throat, a small amount of fun is in order.

So, before I get going, where are we? My chest is healing nicely. I've stopped whimpering when I change and have to look at myself. I'm stronger and totally recovered from my last expansion. In fact, I'm able to drive now and Mark and I took an inaugural cruise around the neighborhood on Sunday. We have no plans yet for radiation, but we're meeting Dr. W tomorrow to get that started & scheduled. I'm looking forward to learning about the process. Friday then I'll stop in on Dr. L, my plastic surgeon, to make sure my chest is ready, in his opinion, for radiation. That visit could include a pat on the back, some removal of fluid, or a small bit of expansion. We also realized that the tissue expanders have to be in for at least three months. So, barring any serious side-effects, radiation may not slow anything down at all.

We still haven't decided if I'm going to take Tamoxifen yet. One thing at a time and all that. But I am going to go visit a new primary MD. Ha! You thought I had a million doctors already! Dr. R has been recommended by a lot of folks and should be a better fit for me. You may know that my last primary refused to order a mammogram for me, so I need someone new at any rate. I'll post a little index of docs on the left so that you can read these posts with a tiny bit less confusion. And I promise I'll try not to see any more doctors with last names beginning in S.

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