Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Want WHAT???

Monday night I started to feel some swelling in my chest. I woke up on Tuesday and it was worse. I knew exactly what I wanted and needed. My plastic surgeon Dr. L and a big thick needle. Yes, things just keep getting stranger. A few months ago, I never would have contemplated plastic surgery. Now, I'm on a happy first name basis with everyone in the office and I actually want to be there and be poked with a giant needle.

The swelling was due to an accumulation of fluid; the same stuff that my drains were collecting before. When I had my first tissue expander session, Dr. L took about 100 mls of fluid off of my right breast before he did the expansion. That I needed to come back was normal - things are definitely slowing down, and should be helped by wearing tighter undergarments. Luckily, Dr. L. got me in at 1:15 on Tuesday and I felt better as soon as that extra 130 mls came off. Even better, poor Dr. L got to see a patient that wanted to be in his office. Every time I'd seen him so far was a completely new, bizarre, and sometimes upsetting experience. I always tried to be brave, but I think my nerves were wearing on his. I'm much happier to be on better terms with someone who is doing so much good for me.

I felt so fantastic afterwards that I went to lunch with my mom, stopped by the house, and then went back out with her to try and find the aforementioned undergarments. With success! I had a nice nap after our outing and my dad arrived for an old-fashioned family taco night. Mark worked late, but even still got to come home to a happy and comfortable wife. This morning I woke up stiff, but haven't needed anything more than Advil. Hooray Giant Needles.

It looks like the rest of this week will continue to be about recovery. We have a meeting with Dr. S the general surgeon to try to figure out the margin issue. But still no word from Oncologist Dr. S. on Tamoxifen, radiation, or anything else. Again, we have plenty of time to decide. The next inflation of my tissue expanders will be on Tuesday. I'll post before then.

Thank you all for your cards & comments, they always lift my spirits.

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Barb said...

Hi Jessica. Sorry to hear about the accumulation of fluid but like you said, hooray for the giant needle. Sounds like you are handling things like a trooper. I must say that everytime I read your blogs I am inspired by your enthusiasm and courage. My thoughts continue to be with you, Mark and your family.