Sunday, March 2, 2008

Potato Day

Mark's first day of his week off is always potato day. On potato day we don't do chores, we don't make appointments or big plans, we often don't leave the house 'till noon. We usually have a big breakfast, stay in or jammies until we can't stand it, and generally do a lot of giggling. Today is not the first day of anything, but it feels like my potato day. Everything's sort of settled in here. I had my first shower yesterday, so that milestone is over. The sun is out, I'm down to mostly Tylenol for pain control, and I'm keeping my thoughts light. I feel healthy.

Next week we'll get final pathology reports, so for the time being my only tasks are baby steps towards normal. I need a weekend off from the emotional homework. Last night my brother and littlest nephew came down and made me laugh just as much as I can handle. I even got the hiccups for a few mercifully brief minutes. Best of all, my nephew granted my secret wish by wearing his little league uniform. Tonight my parents and maybe our friend, P, will stop by for an early dinner. Comfort food, I'm sure, topped off with the butter cupcakes and chocolate fudge frosting that were left on our doorstep this morning my S & J.

Monday I'll get back into my fight and explain a little more about my recovery process. If there's anything in particular you're wondering about, go ahead and leave a question in the comments. Until then, have a peaceful Sunday.

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