Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jess Has 4 Tattoos Now

Well, The Jess is all inked up after a trip to the Sharp Healthcare Tattoo Parlor and Radiation Center. I have to say, I didn't expect expect the marking tattoos to spell "MOM" but you learn something everyday, I guess.
Actually the marking tattoos are no more than gray dots, hardly detectable even if you're looking for them, and were only sore for a bit. The session today was all about getting ready for the first treatment, which will be this coming Monday. Her appointments will be every weekday at 1:20 for the next 5.5 weeks, each one should be pretty short; about 5 minutes to line up the beam, and two minutes for the beams to work, then home.
We had a wonderful visit from my folks this past weekend, complete with steaks from Siesels, with barbequed corn and veggie kebabs. We also spent significant energy doing 8-claps and cheering for UCLA on TV (ok, that was mostly me). I'm really happy with how Jess is doing and her approach to this next phase of treatment is really amazing. It's off to bed for both of us, she'll be back at the keyboard soon.



hello my darling Jess. i am late to comments on such things, but my thoughts are with you and i know only someone as amazing as you can be so superstrong through all this!
your blog amazes me and i can't wait to read each post. kelley and steve and craig are all here now and they are updating me as well. i didn't realize how foriegn i'd really gone!! miss you and send my biggest warmest hugs. you are a rockstar, truly, and mark, well, jeesh, how come you guys are so great?! love love love -Lindsay

Kevin said...

Hi Jess, this may not be the same for you, but I found that getting treatments on an empty stomach left me feeling BAA-AD. Bad. Not so good. Not sure how much overlap there is with your digestive organs and/or what the doctor may have advised but if you can avoid the BAA-AD I'm referring to then I'll be happy.