Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Rest (my case)

The week is absolutely looking up. My mom is home & improving at a rate that is pretty freaking amazing. She's already so much better than at this point last time around. I know, hip replacements can be life-changing. But after being unhealed and in pain since last July, I think most of us were prepared for a slower version of the average story. As usual, my mom is amazing.

I'm also feeling better. After being so comfortable for a while, I was really frustrated to be so sore and have trouble feeling good even at rest. I'm remembering that improvement comes in stages and soreness is going to pop up along the way again and again. It's nice to relax though. Last night I slept so happily.

So then there's this. I saw this photo of one of the rooms from the new Real World Hollywood on Apartment Therapy today, and, purple and orange much?
It's official. The coolest house in the west and it's all Mark & Jess.

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