Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Officially Behind

Well I am so backed up with posts that I don't quite know where to start. Last week was an amazing week with Mark not at the hospital. I'll surely do a run down of the highlights in the days to come. Today I have quite a bit to do before seeing Dr. L to (hopefully) figure out a window into which we can expect to plan for my next surgery. So todays post will be a teaser of things to come that should also hold me accountable to posting them. Fun for all.

1. Last week's highlights
2. A guy walks into a flower shop
3. Saving local, why & how
4. Plant friend update
5. Project Couch

In the meantime, here's a seahorse for you, because they're cute, AND one little clue to our adventures last week.


Kevin said...

OMG, you and Mark magically were turned into Snorks last week and you rode around on seahorses! I guess it!! What's my prize?

Lindsay said...

I know where that seahorse lives ;)

jessica said...

Yeesh! Now my week doesn't seem so awesome since there was no actual seahorse Riding. Thanks Kevin. Linds, if you guess correctly, you get a prize (aka, seeds I already promised you, which you also get if you are wrong).

Lindsay said...

LOL - either way? Okay... I'm guessing on the left-hand side of Scripps Acquarium... and if I'm wrong, he has an identical twin that lives there...

jessica said...

You sure know about twins!