Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Guy Walks Into a Flower Shop

This may seem like it should be posted on another blog (funtimers!) but it's not, so here's the story.

A guy walks into a flower shop.
He buys a ton of flowers.
Next week, the same thing.
And then again, he shows up.

So what's his deal? Does he have a mad passion for flowers himself? Personal assistant to San Diego's leading Don Juan? Trying to woo his own lady, Cliff-style?

He's a set designer, and his new pilot, about a San Diego flower shop owner, has just been picked up. And, professional that he is, he's hired the very best, Che Bella, to act as technical advisers. Check out a clip of the new show, The Ex List, here (sorry, there's a commercial first).

If you haven't been down to Che Bella yourself in a while, check out their redesigned space, and see if you can snag one of their white branch vases before I buy them all. I dare you.


amalthea said...

I heart you so much! Thank you.

Jenny Weddel said...

Um, that is fanTAStic. and not an hour after I read that, I was in OB being told by one of the merchants about this new TV show that is being filmed in OB, and takes place in OB, etc. Fun stuff!!