Thursday, May 8, 2008

Laser Hair Removal Hurts

Is that a ridiculously obvious statement? I don't know, I was surprised.

So for my second surgery (I still don't know when that will happen) the tissue expanders will come out, implants will go in, and the salient details of typical breasts will be added. That's right folks, nipples and areolae. Feel free to stop reading if you just got the willies. The takehome for today is the title.

So, nipples can be formed from the skin already on my breast in an interestingly origami-like fashion. The areolae, however, have to come from somewhere else. I had to have that somewhere zapped with a laser today. Now it sounds like I'm talking about a super-secret place on my body. Okay, it's not. It's the inside of my upper thigh. You have one of those, too, right?

Anyway, I could have the hair zapped out after the skin moves up to my chest. But I feel like that region of my body has been taking enough stress lately. And why not get the whole bikini issue out of the way once and for all. Super plan. Except, holy crap it hurts. Even after slathering on a lidocaine goo beforehand. There isn't really a painless permanent hair removal option. Even waxing is uncomfortable (in case you haven't seen 40 Year-Old Virgin) though it's never bothered me that much. I was told electrolysis (whereby, electricity kills the hair's root instead of a laser) is far worse; I can't imagine. Unfortunately, it'll take 4 to 5 more treatments to get all the hairs. Fortunately, the areolae-est areas hurt the least, so if I have to I'll narrow the treatment area.

In other news, I'd down to FOUR radiation treatments now. I'm intensely excited to be done with that. Today when the radiation began I felt a very strong twinge in my sore spot, which was so surprising and strange that I almost jumped. There is absolutely no jumping allowed in radiation. Some of my cohorts even have to be sedated. But it's never been very difficult for me to be still; it's so much like sleeping.

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