Sunday, February 24, 2008

Word of the Day

It's the day before surgery, and there's so little to do. That can be a good thing. I have plenty of time to relax, providing I can find the means. And as my plastic surgeon, the kind Dr. L tells me, all I have to do is not eat after 11 and show up on time.

But lots of times not having anything to do can feel terrible. You know that, right? I'm sure you've felt it before, and I know a lot of you are very frustrated right now that you can't complete some task that can make all of this easier for me. But you are, you know. You're thinking of me, sending me beautiful cards and tiny gifts and flowers that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt how well I'm loved, in case I get to wondering. Even your secret thoughts and prayers, I promise you, I feel them.

Still there is the urge to do.
Margaret and Des have made two delicious soups to freeze and are whipping up dinner as I type. Mark's been on laundry patrol and has set aside some comforting items for me to bring along. I've had one important task today, and it's completed. You've probably noticed that Mark and I are the only people over age 12 that wear friendship bracelets. Even more noticeable, they're in our ubiquitous favorite colors: orange and purple. It started as a constant reminder of our connection when Mark was in residency and on call for some long & lonely nights. Now they're as dear to us as our wedding bands, and to assuage the fact that I have to take mine off for surgery, I've made fresh ones.

The Free Dictionary says the word of the day is amulet (noun) An object worn, especially around the neck, as a charm against evil or injury.

I agree.


Lindsay said...

Just wanted to send you hugs before tomorrow - I'll be thinking about you all day!

kelley said...

You will be surrounded by positive thoughts all day. Lots of love to you tomorrow. WE LOVE YOU! XOOOO

Sunny Day Tag Girl said...

I'm praying for you Jess. I love you!


Dawn Treader said...

Dear Jessica,
I have been praying for you, since Thea told me about your breast cancer surgery. Many people in my church are also praying for you. I am a 30 year survivor of breast cancer and also had the same exact type of mastectomy they are planning for you. You will be in a little discomfort so take your pain meds and ask for them when needed. Your pecs will definitely be sore for awhile but you will be doing exercises like climbing the wall with your fingers and that will return them to full strength quickly.
Know that God loves you as do I. We know He brings us trials to make us stronger and to bring us closer to Him. Lean on Him now, no burden is too heavy for Him. I will hold you up in prayer and pray for complete cure from your cancer. Love and many blessings
Grandma Nancy

barbara said...

dear jessica,
my thoughts and prayers are with you, but more importantly, you are receiving the best care possible. dr. l took me apart and put me back together last summer and made it seem easy. he is the perfect combination of a brilliant surgeon, a skilled artist, an inovative engineer and an all around sweet caring human being. he is truly a mench. you are in good hands.
please know that i will help you in any way that i can. i can give you rides to drs or txs if you need.
you will get through this.

Apollo said...

Hi Jessica,

We were shocked and saddened to learn of your illness. We are praying for your full and complete recovery and our thoughts are with you on each tick of the clock until that recovery arrives.

Please know we love you and have asked for God's intervention in seeing you through this time of trial.

Your blog certainly speaks to your inner strength and serenity of mind as you have made an effort to calm the anxieties and fears of those around you about the road ahead.

This is a selflessness and empathy few people ever really know.

It is reassuring in our mind that you have this strength from which to draw as you move through this difficult period.

We believe your recovery will arrive within the wink of an angel's eye.

Our hearts and prayers are with you.


Steve, Jane and Christian

Barb said...

Jessica and Mark,
I saw you today in the elevator at Sharp Memorial and it hit me that this was really going to happen today. Jess, you looked as beautiful as the time that I met you at one the doctors Christmas parties a couple of years ago. Together you guys can accomplish anything. I know Mark a bit better than you (just because we work together) and you are so lucky to have him at your side. He is your biggest cheerleader no matter what you are facing. I remember when I first met him and then a short time later met you. I was so intrigued by the love that was so evident between the two of you. I don't want to get sappy, but I believe that you will prevail through this awful part of your journey and will come out on top. Keep the love between you and of course with your family and friends. I have no doubt that although right now you are going through a bad, uncomfortable time, that you will walk away from this one day all in one piece and healthier than ever. My love, Barb

kim said...

Jess I absolutely love this entry... very touching.