Thursday, February 12, 2009

All Good in the Scherensnitte Hood

I haven't been working on very many art/craft projects around here. All of this walking & making sure there's always milk in the house, I suppose. I'm not used to doing it all. I have several projects that are sort of stalled right now. Promise to share when they're done. But I was looking around blogland today and found (thank you, Extreme Cards & Papercrafting) a German site filled with Sherensnitte patterns of all sorts. Balsten mit Elisabeth has a lot of really pretty designs of varying difficulty, and a lot of text I don't understand. And then there's this:

Image from Balsten mit Elisabeth

I'm officially cutting paper tonight.


cpeep said...

Do you hand cut or machine cut? That looks very perfect.

At least you can be pretty sure THIS one doesn't translate to "bug off, I hate your guts" :0

Our friend Google translate is going to get a workout, eh?

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

jessica said...

That image is from the Balsten mit Elisabeth website. I should have been more clear. But yes, I love the clarity of the message in this one!
I hand cut, but I use an x-acto/scissor combination. I hear the Germans would frown on my x-acto shortcut, but it works for me. Thanks for stopping by.