Sunday, February 8, 2009

What It's All About

A year ago today I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Today, I'm fighting with the bad sinuses I'm so used to. I suddenly love my bad sinuses! And I'm procrastinating with stuff like this:

Wordle: slowhome

Now I'm off to play with the plant friends and make today positive, between shower steamings.
Also! 100th post! I'm sorry it's not more substantial but I'm happy it's here.


Andrew Blocksidge said...

Congrat's only your 100th post, and keep the great spirit going. BTW, I am pretty sure the Hokey Pokey is what it "Is All About"!

Brandi said...

have you tried the neti pot? i haven't, but people swear by those things.

jessica said...

No, I haven't yet. A lot of Michiganders I know love them. So far I've been good with saline spray & steamy showers.