Friday, January 30, 2009

Answers for Steve and Lacey

1. What's your favorite color? Orange.

2. Why isn't 11 pronounced onety-one? Too long. Besides, if it were we wouldn't have your favorite number, eleventy-threeve, or mine, eleventeen.

3. Mark - Boxers or briefs? Boxer-briefs.

4. What was the best thing before sliced bread was invented? Germ theory and the advent of regular bathing.

5. Can you post that recipe if the super yummy salad dressing you made last we had dinner at your place? I will, but I always make it on the fly, so give me some time to measure it all out for you. It's true, though. Everyone likes it.

6. Why do you park on a driveway and drive on a parkway? Shouldn't you ask some of your engineer friends?

7. Can you tell me how to reprogram my sprinkler system? Absolutely! When the green light is flashing, pres and hold the program button until, "Steven!!!" appears on the screen. Actually no, I can't.

8. What's your favorite food? Cheese.

9. Are you supposed to rinse herbs before you use them or does that make the flavor go away? Definitely rinse them. Dirt's on the outside, flavor's on the inside.

10. Why won't these voices in my head stop arguing? Maybe you need to distract them with a shiny new toy. Like beer!

11. What are the numbers for the next lottery drawing? I'm not telling, but if I win you'll get a present.

12. If you were travelling in a ship going the speed of light, what would happen if you turned the headlights on? I don't know, but I would be compressed to a pancake, right? So I don't think I'd notice the headlights.

13. What's another word for thesaurus? Lexicon would work. Actually a dictionary can be used as a thesaurus.

14. Am I annoying? No, you are lovely.

Also, nobody asked me any more boob questions but Lauren did call to my attention a fact that I failed to mention here. Fake boobs don't last forever. Great ones that work as they should still need to be replaced around every ten years. Doesn't that suck?


lauren.eckels said...

You are a GEM! :)

lauren.eckels said...
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Sunny Day Tag Girl said...

eleventeen... so that is where Miss Gracie gets it!!!! That is her favorite number also!!

as for the boob thing... I'm thinking even the real ones lose their shape after awhile... not that I have enough to be effected! hehehe

Sunny Day Tag Girl said...

You and Miss Gracie are definitely related... her favorite number is eleventeen also!!!!

Lindsay said...

Dylan would like you to know that the two of you share the love of the color orange :)

Tyler would like to chime in that his favorite number is twenty-eleven, which pretty much covers all the bases ;)

I just hope you're doing okay...

Steve and Kelley said...

You're so wise. You're like a miniature Buddha, but not covered with hair like Baxter. Thank you my sage, thank you.