Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One Year

We're heading out of town this week to celebrate our first anniversary. I think first wedding anniversaries are always big, but it's hard to think that any future anniversary of ours will top this one. The year we've had, and the amazing place our relationship is both in spite of and because of the adversity we've faced . . . I really can't be thankful enough. That we're both still here is a blessing.

The first photo taken of Mark & Jess, April of '04:

Day 1 of Marriage, September of '08:

Our plans aren't too grand, however. We'll be in Monterrey and we'll be relaxing. Since we've been there before, maybe the things we're Not doing this time are more relevant:

1. Getting sneezed on by sea lions with upper respiratory infections. Copious boogers on a wild marine mammal is a warning worth heeding.

2. Wasting time and money eating anywhere other than Tillie Gort's.

3. Driving home along the coast, failing to enjoy the view due to severe car-sickness, pulling over for relief only to be met with a deer carcass just beyond the car door.

4. Going anywhere near the migrating geese.

We learn our lessons the hilarious way.
See you soon!

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