Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yesterday we met with Dr. Ld to make sure my skin was heading in the right direction. While we were waiting for him, I noticed a few red patches on the inside of my elbows and wrists. He came in and agreed that my body breakouts looked much better. Then I showed him the new spots and there was some brow furrowing. Hard to say exactly what it was, but it looked like I may be having a reaction to the Septra I was taking for the original skin problem. We were instructed to keep an eye on it, not continue the Septra if it worsened, and keep planning on surgery.
As the day went on the red spots faded almost all the way away and I didn't think much of it. We had a lot of chores to take care of and Mark was hitting the wall after working two overnights. I took my p.m. Septra and got busy again. Maybe an hour later I was heading into the shower and that's when I saw them. Many more bumps. On my neck, under my arm. Then big welts along my waistband, on my hips and legs. Itchyness ensued.
I spent a really restless night and things had changed very little in the morning. Less puffiness overall, but certainly not normal skin with new bumps on my forehead. Time for the Benadryl and phone calls. I took the Benadryl and tried to sleep a little while wonderful Mark handled getting ahold of the docs. Surprisingly (to me) both my surgeon and dermatologist feel that it's ok to proceed with surgery as planned. We'll be keeping a close eye on everything, of course. But as drug reactions go, this is not actually so bad. The real kicker is that instead of going to Rosh Hashanah services and lunch with our good friends Sydney and Cynthia, Mark is sleeping off a stressful night and morning and I'm chained to a tube of $40 ointment. Still itchy.


Brandi said...

the same thing happened to my mom recently after her knee replacement surgery. the rash first appeared around her incision, so everyone was freaking out about an infection at first. then it spread and looked more like a normal bactrim rash.

i'm glad everything is going well. sorry you had to miss the service. good luck with the next round of surgery.

Jenny Weddel said...

Lord, do I empathize with itchy skin conditions. I like punching things (like pillows, not boys) when it gets real bad. Suerte a ti manana, te queremos!!

jessica said...

Thanks to all who wish me luck!
Gracias, Yenny. I was thinking, 'don't feel sorry for yourself, think of Jenny!'

Sunny Day Tag Girl said...

Chris broke out in bumps yesterday, too!!! He has had a double ear infection and sinus infection. When he couldn't get into our family dr. last week he went to a prompt care place... it has been a week and he still isn't better... and has MORE symptoms!!!! He was finally able to see our Dr. and got a different antibiotic...hopefully he will be able to hear again soon... although I think he rather likes not being able to hear the bossy women he lives with!!!! But it does make his job, talking to airplanes, rather hard!!!!