Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Scare Short People

What do I get up to when my husband's working late? Mani-pedi? Another viewing of "Persuasion"? Cookies n' Cream ice cream and a silly magazine?

Well, not tonight. Tonight I'm dorking out, learning about Firefox Extensions and listening to the DNC on KPBS. Oh Yes. I hear Hillary Clinton just walked out in an orange pants-suit. Faboo, Hill. And what's that? My google analytics want checking? Well, sure. It's dork night, after all.

Hmm. I wonder what those five people who used search engines to find my blog typed in as keywords. Oh no! Nooooo! I'm so sorry, little middle-schooler! Braces are so cool and sexy and nothing bad like this will ever happen to you!!

Dork night's over. Where is the ice cream?
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JR said...

There's nothing cooler than a girl talking geek...awesome!

Kevin said...

Ooh, first page on Google... sexy.