Friday, June 6, 2008

Hey, Barb

I hear you have been having some problems leaving comments on the blog lately. That is simply not acceptable to me, so I'm changing the comment procedure.

Everyone else, you'll forgive me if I single this lady out for a second. I hardly know this person, but all I do know is fantastic. If you've read her comments on the blog, you'll get a taste of how warm and kind Barb is. After she works her butt off all day long in the service of others at Sharp, she still has the energy to pop over here to root like mad for a silly young lady she's come face-to face with a total of 3 times. Oddly, one of those times was in the elevator on the day of my surgery. What a serendipitous treat. And here's the other thing. Sometimes I get pretty down about the amount of uncaring, callous, and mean-spirited people we have to come in contact with. I take comfort in my family and friends, who I know for a fact have not an ounce of that badness. But the strangers and the people I don't know well . . . I can get pretty leery of them. And then I remember there are Barbs, too. People who will reach out to you with love and compassion even before they can tell what color your eyes are.

There are probably around a hundred people who I will have the chance to write my gratitude for in the future, just give me time. But today, I just really want to make sure nothing stops Barb's comments.

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Barb said...

Hi Jessica. Thank you so much for the nice response. You brought tears to my eyes. I don't mean to cry but like I've blogged in the last several comments, that apparently you have not received, it is you that gives me hope and inspiration instead of the other way around. I don't know you well enough to be privy to the more personal side of what you are going through but I can only imagine that there are good and bad days. I know you are surrounded by loving friends and family who are there for you. I am also here for you if there is anything that you or Mark need. I am a phone call away. I love working with Mark. We have a hard job but when you work within a team of good players, anything is possible. I will keep on writing as long as your blog will allow. I wish you all the good health and happiness. I will be in touch soon.