Monday, June 2, 2008

The Buzz

The other day, when I was twisting that floral wire into P's, O's, and C's, I had a visitor. I'd left the patio screen door open and was working just inside when I noticed the buzzing. I looked up to see a bee trying to get out through closed windows. Thinking about Colony Collapse Disorder usually just makes me feel sad and powerless. I didn't know if this was a honey bee or a yellow-jacket, but I knew it was one bee I could save! Except I couldn't.
I took the screen off the window and tried to gently shoo him in the right direction for probably 45 minutes as he just kept buzzing towards the same useless spot in the glass, taking longer and longer breaks as the minutes passed. Eventually I couldn't watch and got back to the garden, hoping that he'd do better without my prodding.
So I was very happy today to see this post today on Eating Liberally. It's and interesting and hopeful review of the documentary, Every Third Bite, which tells some uplifting stories about what's being done to stop CCD and save the buzzers.
Even better, I found out there's more I can do to help my local bees. Click here for some really easy ways to keep your garden and your pollinators happy.

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