Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Shore

We're really feeling the season in San Diego, and it's not because of a profusion of lights. It's certainly not the weather. Nope, it's the quiet. Pacific Beach is a madhouse during pretty much every other season of the year. No parking, squealing and half-naked coeds, their detritus everywhere. It can get to be a bit much. But at Christmastime, ahh, you can breathe here. Mark and I went down to the beach yesterday for a little last minute shopping and a walk along the boardwalk. Both activities were so relaxing. Last minute shopping?? Yes, it was a breeze. The only tension involved Mark trying to get me to contain my over the top gift giving addiction.

And just as we were finishing our walk (it was so quiet we didn't even see Slo-Mo), we saw the one other true sign that it's a holiday in San Diego. Pauly Shore, walking his big fluffy dog, near Crystal Pier.

* I didn't take this photo - Thanks Austin Chron - but I like the orange shirt.

Merry Christmas to all.


Katherine said...

Wow, that's how you know it's Christmas. Merry Pauly Shore!

Kevin said...

Did Pauly Shore come down your chimney, leave gifts, take cookies and fly away fly away again to spread PB Christmas joy to all the other boys and girls?