Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Plant Friends

I've been bogged down with a little sinus thing lately; not so happy. Most of the last 4 days have been spent either steaming myself in the bathroom or watching bad tv with a bottle of saline spray within reach. Mark always at the ready with the Tylenol and pints of water. Blech. The brightest spot has been the amount of plant maintenance that the dry weather has required lately.

Somehow my plant friends always cheer me up.

Dee Dee is a brasso-laelia-cattleya hybrid orchid, who blooms every fall after a good fog. I like her reliability and she smells incredible - but only at night.

Little Box, the gorgeous purple & white phalaenopsis (orchid) has been blooming since last December. Yeah, nuts. When she was given to me she was the saddest little orchid I'd ever seen. One tiny leaf and about three roots. She can't be stopped.

There's the nameless daisy I got in seed as a leftover shower present, about to bloom, even after a nasty giant caterpillar attack. (He scared me)

They all make me happy; get me moving. So I just thought I'd give a little love today - they've already been watered.

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