Friday, October 5, 2007

Paperwork as a Blessing

We arrived at our shul on Tuesday night, one Witness present, to meet with Cantor B and officially marry ourselves up. After hours, there was no one in the office - including Cantor. Hmm. After deciding how many handfuls of minutes we could stand to sit steady (two) and how many minutes lay comfortably in a hand (Witness believes in elegant sufficiency and will hold just 5, M believes in Efficiency and can handle a whopping 15) we catch up. Before the handfuls dwindle too much, Cantor arrives with apologies. She's got a teenager in the sanctuary just working on a speech. Do we have a few more minutes? Quick hand check says we do! But then M, the siezer (Caesar?) of opportunity, asks if she'd like an audience. Indeed! And how would we like to sign our marriage license in the sanctuary? Very much!

A few minutes later we were sharing a really wonderful moment with wise K, just about to be bat mitzvahed, and her so rightfully proud parents. I'd never seen a 13 year-old so poised and sweet. When she was done, Cantor suggested she also witness our license completion; a perfect adult duty. Suddenly we were just as beaming as on our wedding day, and feeling just as blessed.

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