Tuesday, December 2, 2008

That Would Be A NO

Last time I visited Dr. Ls (looks good and I can run) I met his new receptionist. Nice, young man very eager to fetch me water. Frankly, though his last receptionist was very sweet, I wasn't very surprised that she was gone. Mainly because she took 6 weeks to deliver a message of mine to him, which prompted the whole last minute before surgery skin freak-out, medication change, and hive episode. Fun stuff.

I don't know why sweet, gorgeous ex-receptionist was let go. Now that I'm not freaking out or hivey, I'm sure there was more to it, and I hope she's happier somewhere else. But I did hear something today about some staffing replacements. Seems that the Oxygen reality show participants have made some choices that, while probably being good for the offices, will be GREAT for entertainment. Two newbies who's extra-curricular activities could also be Halloween costumes.

So have you guessed yet whether or not I'm doing it? Really I have two reasons for issuing the Negatory.
1) Point by Sharp Social Worker - This isn't my only opportunity to tell my story.
2) Point by Mark - I would react badly if misrepresented. Or more bluntly put by Thea: "This would bring out your worst personality traits." How these two know my itchy righteous-indignation trigger. Handy when someone up and tries to take advantage of you, but not something to invite into an otherwise peaceful life.

Rest easy, America. You'll get no Real Housewife-ing out of me!

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amalthea said...

Leave it to me to put things bluntly. That may be MY worst personality trait! :) Love you madly!