Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where Am I?

Hi kids. I'm here. I'm fine. I've been just a bit busy and Mark is off this week, which I'm just realizing usually translates to much less computer time for me. I'm actually okay with that overall, as it also means I'm having more fun than usual. But I do have lots to catch you all up on. Lots of pictures to share. But not today. Mark's parents are here and I just have a sec before I join up with them for a lovely day on the coast. If you're curious about how my little body is doing, here's the latest:
* I scaled a cliff last week, with the help of stairs, but it was the most work I'd done since the last surgery and was actually slightly easier that I'd expected.
* I saw Dr. Ls on Thursday and that went well. He's happy with how mobile everything is staying. If you have questions about why this is a good thing, fire away. I've been downgraded from crazy amounts of gauze and scissor work every morning and can just wear a bra now. Huge step forward for productivity. The only thing I'm keeping an eye on is a big fat suture that's trying to come out and visit (it's supposed to be an innie). That's nothing to worry about and pretty common. I just have to keep it clean and such.

Okay, as I say, pictures soon. Be well everyone, and VOTE ON TUESDAY!

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