Monday, October 13, 2008

Home Alone

Last night Mark had to work a night shift, and I managed to have a pretty peaceful evening. After driving him in (my first time back behind the wheel) I settled in at home with the latest from This American Life. Then I got out the bag of craft goodies that Mark got me to recuperate with and whipped up something from Folding Trees, where you can find the tutorial for this and lots of other projects.

It's not much, considering all I'm wanting to do lately, but it made for a really nice evening with nary a tv or computer to rile me up. Now if only I hadn't heard that mysterious scratching sound just as I turned out the light.

Also, I had some photo fun just before surgery that Photojojo is talking about today. When I first started taking photography in high school, I borrowed my dad's Nikon, which he'd outfitted with several cool lenses, filters, and flash filters. Unlike the photojojo folks, I was lucky enough to be given the whole camera bag of goodies a few years later for Christmas. So knowing about all those yummy toys was a big part of my choosing the Nikon DSLR Mark bought me for my last birthday. I've talked about the advatages of brand loyalty before. I've now got 5 lenses for my DSLR, and I just got to playing with the vintage ones. The Macro made it out first.

If you've got vintage lenses that you want to hook up to your digital SLR, even if they're not the same brand, go over to Photojojo and find out how.

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Barb said...

Hi Jessica. So, so sorry that I haven't written sooner but dealing with my own family issues which can be all consuming right at the moment. I think of you and Mark every day and apologize for not blogging as I should. I wish you all the good health and happiness that you so deserve. I love all the gardening/photography tips you give. I'm not a gardner but do enjoy film photography. I have a Minolta with a 300 zoom lens. As I am teased by most, especially by brother in law Scott, I suspect that I will sucumb to the digital age but not quite ready yet. You are in my prayer always.