Sunday, January 20, 2008


I'm back from Michigan, where I've been for the last week visiting the Rings. Despite a very nice time with each of them, the modest satisfaction of dealing with a little bit of real winter, and some delicious food, I have to be grateful I'm home. I don't know what put it into my head that I would be fine traveling so far without Mark. Well, I was fine. But there are many kinds of fine and I just really missed my husband. Obviously.

When Katherine asked me near the end of my trip what I was looking forward to about going home, I only thought of him. But really, now that I'm here, I am enjoying a few other San Diego specials:

Socks? I don't think so.

Iced coffee does not seem like something only the town crazy can enjoy.

Final approach. I know a lot of people just really like the weather and the Mexican food and the good looking people of San Diego. But I love my home town. I love all it's little parts like it's an old old friend. Whenever I land at Lindbergh, I greet everything I can see on my way in. Hello Barret Lake. Hello Sweetwater Resevoir. Hello Mt. Hope. Hello east east Market Street. Hello Balboa Park (hi botanical garden, hi museum of man, hi laurel street bridge), Hello Mr. A's Port Authority Casbah Airport Parking Star of India Spanish Landing. Hello MCRD. I'm home.

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